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Regatta Fees

Here's how regatta fees are assessed.

Juniors - Seasonal Regatta Fee

Regular Regatta Fee - Junior rowers are charged regatta fees on a per season basis. For each season, the Head Coach determines the regatta schedule at the start of the season. The regular regatta fee charged at the beginning of each season is estimated to cover the cost of regatta entry fees and mileage costs for travel to the regatta venue. The estimate is based on costs from previous years' regattas and incorporates any increases in gas prices that may affect the current season. For any regular regatta where overnight stay at the venue is necessary, the hotel room cost is in addition to the regatta fee.

Extraordinary Regattas - Each year, the junior team attends several "extraordinary" regattas that are not factored into the regular regatta fee. These regattas are generally for select varsity crews and include the US Rowing Youth National Championships, Royal Canadian Henley Regatta in St. Catherine's Ontario, and Head of the Charles in Boston. An additional fee is charged for these regattas to cover coach per diems (hotel cost, meals and travel costs e.g. mileage or plane fare). These costs are divided among the rowers who attend the regatta.

Masters - Per-regatta Payments

Master rowers who join the competitive program typically attend several local and regional regattas each year. Rowers are billed on a per-regatta basis for the actual cost of masters team participation for each regatta. "Actual costs" are the cumulative cost of: