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Dock Safety Project

Upgrading Our Docks

The Project

In 2005, ARC began the Boat Launch Dock Safety Project. This Project has been a multi-year effort to upgrade the quality and safety of the ARC docks at the Corning Preserve Boat Launch by replacing the Jetfloats with Connect-a-Dock floats. Early dock configurations relied upon large metal floats attached to the bulkhead via stiff arms, with Jetfloats being the actual dock components attached to the metal floats. Jetfloats are quick and efficient to assemble, but are unstable underfoot, and the transition from the bulkhead to the metal floats and down to the dock was uneven and sometimes treacherous for rowers to negotiate while carrying rowing shells overhead. Connect-a-Dock provides a more stable surface that is easier to walk on.


Funding for the project was provided by Albany Rowing Center and the following:

When the project was completed in the spring of 2013, more than $130,000 in grant funds had been received for this project starting in 2005. ARC provided more than $25,000 in matching funds through in-kind services.


The project was administered and implemented by the volunteers of ARC. Our primary dock supplier has been Regatta Dock Systems in Connecticut who worked with the ARC dockmasters to design and construct special hinge brackets for connecting large sections of dock together on the water. The hinges also allow the dock to flex at critical joints, lessening the stress caused by large wakes from boats cruising by on the Hudson River.

Our Partner

Our primary dock supplier, Regatta Dock Systems, helped with design of our new dock and generously contributed in-kind help and material for this project.