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Winter Training 2022-2023

Program Description

The winter training program prepares Juniors and Masters for spring competition, and improves athleticism and rowing potential for non-competitive adults and those returning to rowing after a break in training. This is the time when athletes build strength and power for the spring regatta season.





OMNI Fitness Center (OFC) 54 State Street Albany NY

Access to 54 State Street

Each athlete participating in Winter Training will be given an Access Key Card. During regular business hours (7am-6pm) your access card will open the State Street inside door and the rear entrance off of Beaver Street. Before or After business hours (6pm-7am). You will need a magnetic reader from a credit card to open the State Street outside door (any credit card will do). Your access card will work after hours for the Beaver Street rear door.

Access Card:

Once you have turned in your OFC forms, a key card is requested and made specifically for you. This can take 24-72 business hours. We will do our best to ensure you receive your card in a timely fashion. Again, this is new for us, so it could be a little cumbersome initially. Be patient with us. Athletes are responsible for your access card. ARC will not pay fees for lost or damaged cards. Lost or damaged cards need to be reported to the OFC front desk, not the ARC board or Coaches.

ZOOM Participation:

Practices can be accessed by Zoom for participants who have their own erg. It is essential to sign up for a Zoom session in iCrew just as you would for an in-person session so coaches know to expect you. If no athletes are signed up, do not expect a coach to be available.